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Class BaseAdapter

    • Constructor Detail

      • BaseAdapter

        public BaseAdapter()
    • Method Detail

      • hasStableIds

        public boolean hasStableIds()
        Description copied from interface: Adapter
        Indicates whether the item ids are stable across changes to the underlying data.
        Specified by:
        hasStableIds in interface Adapter
        True if the same id always refers to the same object.
      • registerDataSetObserver

        public void registerDataSetObserver(DataSetObserver observer)
        Description copied from interface: Adapter
        Register an observer that is called when changes happen to the data used by this adapter.
        Specified by:
        registerDataSetObserver in interface Adapter
        observer - the object that gets notified when the data set changes.
      • notifyDataSetChanged

        public void notifyDataSetChanged()
        Notifies the attached observers that the underlying data has been changed and any View reflecting the data set should refresh itself.
      • notifyDataSetInvalidated

        public void notifyDataSetInvalidated()
        Notifies the attached observers that the underlying data is no longer valid or available. Once invoked this adapter is no longer valid and should not report further data set changes.
      • areAllItemsEnabled

        public boolean areAllItemsEnabled()
        Description copied from interface: ListAdapter
        Indicates whether all the items in this adapter are enabled. If the value returned by this method changes over time, there is no guarantee it will take effect. If true, it means all items are selectable and clickable (there is no separator.)
        Specified by:
        areAllItemsEnabled in interface ListAdapter
        True if all items are enabled, false otherwise.
        See Also:
      • isEnabled

        public boolean isEnabled(int position)
        Description copied from interface: ListAdapter
        Returns true if the item at the specified position is not a separator. (A separator is a non-selectable, non-clickable item). The result is unspecified if position is invalid. An ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException should be thrown in that case for fast failure.
        Specified by:
        isEnabled in interface ListAdapter
        position - Index of the item
        True if the item is not a separator
        See Also:
      • getDropDownView

        public View getDropDownView(int position,
                           View convertView,
                           ViewGroup parent)
        Description copied from interface: SpinnerAdapter

        Get a View that displays in the drop down popup the data at the specified position in the data set.

        Specified by:
        getDropDownView in interface SpinnerAdapter
        position - index of the item whose view we want.
        convertView - the old view to reuse, if possible. Note: You should check that this view is non-null and of an appropriate type before using. If it is not possible to convert this view to display the correct data, this method can create a new view.
        parent - the parent that this view will eventually be attached to
        a View corresponding to the data at the specified position.
      • isEmpty

        public boolean isEmpty()
        Specified by:
        isEmpty in interface Adapter
        true if this adapter doesn't contain any data. This is used to determine whether the empty view should be displayed. A typical implementation will return getCount() == 0 but since getCount() includes the headers and footers, specialized adapters might want a different behavior.


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