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Class SearchView.SearchAutoComplete

    • Constructor Detail

      • SearchView.SearchAutoComplete

        public SearchView.SearchAutoComplete(Context context)
      • SearchView.SearchAutoComplete

        public SearchView.SearchAutoComplete(Context context,
                                     AttributeSet attrs)
      • SearchView.SearchAutoComplete

        public SearchView.SearchAutoComplete(Context context,
                                     AttributeSet attrs,
                                     int defStyle)
    • Method Detail

      • setThreshold

        public void setThreshold(int threshold)
        Description copied from class: AutoCompleteTextView

        Specifies the minimum number of characters the user has to type in the edit box before the drop down list is shown.

        When threshold is less than or equals 0, a threshold of 1 is applied.

        setThreshold in class AutoCompleteTextView
        threshold - the number of characters to type before the drop down is shown
        See Also:
      • replaceText

        protected void replaceText(CharSequence text)
        We override this method to avoid replacing the query box text when a suggestion is clicked.
        replaceText in class AutoCompleteTextView
        text - the selected suggestion in the drop down list
      • onWindowFocusChanged

        public void onWindowFocusChanged(boolean hasWindowFocus)
        We override this method to be sure and show the soft keyboard if appropriate when the TextView has focus.
        onWindowFocusChanged in class AutoCompleteTextView
        hasWindowFocus - True if the window containing this view now has focus, false otherwise.
      • onFocusChanged

        protected void onFocusChanged(boolean focused,
                          int direction,
                          Rect previouslyFocusedRect)
        Description copied from class: View
        Called by the view system when the focus state of this view changes. When the focus change event is caused by directional navigation, direction and previouslyFocusedRect provide insight into where the focus is coming from. When overriding, be sure to call up through to the super class so that the standard focus handling will occur.
        onFocusChanged in class AutoCompleteTextView
        focused - True if the View has focus; false otherwise.
        direction - The direction focus has moved when requestFocus() is called to give this view focus. Values are View.FOCUS_UP, View.FOCUS_DOWN, View.FOCUS_LEFT, View.FOCUS_RIGHT, View.FOCUS_FORWARD, or View.FOCUS_BACKWARD. It may not always apply, in which case use the default.
        previouslyFocusedRect - The rectangle, in this view's coordinate system, of the previously focused view. If applicable, this will be passed in as finer grained information about where the focus is coming from (in addition to direction). Will be null otherwise.
      • enoughToFilter

        public boolean enoughToFilter()
        We override this method so that we can allow a threshold of zero, which ACTV does not.
        enoughToFilter in class AutoCompleteTextView
      • onKeyPreIme

        public boolean onKeyPreIme(int keyCode,
                          KeyEvent event)
        Description copied from class: View
        Handle a key event before it is processed by any input method associated with the view hierarchy. This can be used to intercept key events in special situations before the IME consumes them; a typical example would be handling the BACK key to update the application's UI instead of allowing the IME to see it and close itself.
        onKeyPreIme in class AutoCompleteTextView
        keyCode - The value in event.getKeyCode().
        event - Description of the key event.
        If you handled the event, return true. If you want to allow the event to be handled by the next receiver, return false.


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