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Class Services

  • public class Services
    extends Object
    This class contains information about all registered providers and preferred implementations for all "serviceName.algName".
    • Constructor Detail

      • Services

        public Services()
    • Method Detail

      • getProviders

        public static Provider[] getProviders()
        Returns a copy of the registered providers as an array.
      • getProvidersList

        public static List<Provider> getProvidersList()
        Returns a copy of the registered providers as a list.
      • getProvider

        public static Provider getProvider(String name)
        Returns the provider with the specified name.
      • insertProviderAt

        public static int insertProviderAt(Provider provider,
                           int position)
        Inserts a provider at a specified 1-based position.
      • removeProvider

        public static void removeProvider(int providerNumber)
        Removes the provider at the specified 1-based position.
      • initServiceInfo

        public static void initServiceInfo(Provider p)
        Adds information about provider services into HashMap.
      • isEmpty

        public static boolean isEmpty()
        Returns true if services contain any provider information.
      • getService

        public static Provider.Service getService(String key)
        Looks up the requested service by type and algorithm. The service key should be provided in the same format used when registering a service with a provider, for example, "KeyFactory.RSA". Callers can cache the returned service information but such caches should be validated against the result of Service.getCacheVersion() before use.
      • getSecureRandomService

        public static Provider.Service getSecureRandomService()
        Returns the default SecureRandom service description.
      • setNeedRefresh

        public static void setNeedRefresh()
        In addition to being used here when the list of providers changes, this method is also used by the Provider implementation to indicate that a provides list of services has changed.
      • getCacheVersion

        public static int getCacheVersion()
        Returns the current cache version. This has the possible side effect of updating the cache if needed.


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