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Class TBSCertificate

  • public final class TBSCertificate
    extends Object
    The class encapsulates the ASN.1 DER encoding/decoding work with TBSCertificate structure which is the part of X.509 certificate (as specified in RFC 3280 - Internet X.509 Public Key Infrastructure. Certificate and Certificate Revocation List (CRL) Profile.
      TBSCertificate  ::=  SEQUENCE  {
           version         [0]  EXPLICIT Version DEFAULT v1,
           serialNumber         CertificateSerialNumber,
           signature            AlgorithmIdentifier,
           issuer               Name,
           validity             Validity,
           subject              Name,
           subjectPublicKeyInfo SubjectPublicKeyInfo,
           issuerUniqueID  [1]  IMPLICIT UniqueIdentifier OPTIONAL,
                                -- If present, version MUST be v2 or v3
           subjectUniqueID [2]  IMPLICIT UniqueIdentifier OPTIONAL,
                                -- If present, version MUST be v2 or v3
           extensions      [3]  EXPLICIT Extensions OPTIONAL
                                -- If present, version MUST be v3
    • Field Detail

      • ASN1

        public static final ASN1Sequence ASN1
        X.509 TBSCertificate encoder/decoder.
    • Method Detail

      • getVersion

        public int getVersion()
        Returns the value of version field of the structure.
      • getSerialNumber

        public BigInteger getSerialNumber()
        Returns the value of serialNumber field of the structure.
      • getSignature

        public AlgorithmIdentifier getSignature()
        Returns the value of signature field of the structure.
      • getIssuer

        public Name getIssuer()
        Returns the value of issuer field of the structure.
      • getValidity

        public Validity getValidity()
        Returns the value of validity field of the structure.
      • getSubject

        public Name getSubject()
        Returns the value of subject field of the structure.
      • getSubjectPublicKeyInfo

        public SubjectPublicKeyInfo getSubjectPublicKeyInfo()
        Returns the value of subjectPublicKeyInfo field of the structure.
      • getIssuerUniqueID

        public boolean[] getIssuerUniqueID()
        Returns the value of issuerUniqueID field of the structure.
      • getSubjectUniqueID

        public boolean[] getSubjectUniqueID()
        Returns the value of subjectUniqueID field of the structure.
      • getExtensions

        public Extensions getExtensions()
        Returns the value of extensions field of the structure.
      • getEncoded

        public byte[] getEncoded()
        Returns ASN.1 encoded form of this X.509 TBSCertificate value.


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