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Class DOMErrorImpl

  • All Implemented Interfaces:

    public class DOMErrorImpl
    extends Object
    implements DOMError
    This is a utility implementation of EventListener that captures all events and provides access to lists of all events by mode
    • Constructor Detail

      • DOMErrorImpl

        public DOMErrorImpl(DOMError src)
        Public constructor
    • Method Detail

      • getSeverity

        public final short getSeverity()
        Description copied from interface: DOMError
        The severity of the error, either SEVERITY_WARNING, SEVERITY_ERROR, or SEVERITY_FATAL_ERROR.
        Specified by:
        getSeverity in interface DOMError
      • getMessage

        public final String getMessage()
        Description copied from interface: DOMError
        An implementation specific string describing the error that occurred.
        Specified by:
        getMessage in interface DOMError
      • getType

        public final String getType()
        Description copied from interface: DOMError
        A DOMString indicating which related data is expected in relatedData. Users should refer to the specification of the error in order to find its DOMString type and relatedData definitions if any.

        Note: As an example, Document.normalizeDocument() does generate warnings when the "split-cdata-sections" parameter is in use. Therefore, the method generates a SEVERITY_WARNING with type "cdata-sections-splitted" and the first CDATASection node in document order resulting from the split is returned by the relatedData attribute.

        Specified by:
        getType in interface DOMError
      • getRelatedException

        public final Object getRelatedException()
        Description copied from interface: DOMError
        The related platform dependent exception if any.
        Specified by:
        getRelatedException in interface DOMError
      • getRelatedData

        public final Object getRelatedData()
        Description copied from interface: DOMError
        The related DOMError.type dependent data if any.
        Specified by:
        getRelatedData in interface DOMError


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