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For generic type parameters, the in keyword specifies that the type parameter is contravariant. You can use the in keyword in generic interfaces and delegates. Contravariance enables you to use a less derived type than that specified by the generic parameter. This allows for implicit conversion of classes that implement variant interfaces and implicit conversion of delegate types. Covariance and contravariance in generic type parameters are supported for reference types, but they are not supported for value types. A type can be declared contravariant in a generic interface or delegate if it is used only as a type of method arguments and not used as a method return type. Ref and out parameters cannot be variant. An interface that has a contravariant type parameter allows its methods to accept arguments of less derived types than those specified by the interface type parameter. For example, because in .NET Framework 4, in the IComparer interface, type T is contravariant, you can assign an object of the IComparer(Of Person) type to an object of the IComparer(Of Employee) type without using any special conversion methods if Employee inherits Person. A contravariant delegate can be assigned another delegate of the same type, but with a less derived generic type parameter.

foreach (datatype value in arrayName)


using System;
using System.Collections.Generic;

class Program
    static Dictionary _f = new Dictionary();

    static void Main()
	// Add items to dictionary.
	_f.Add(1, 2);
	_f.Add(2, 3);
	_f.Add(3, 4);

	// Use var in foreach loop.
	foreach (var pair in _f)
	    Console.WriteLine("{0},{1}", pair.Key, pair.Value);


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