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Property Description

The column-rule property is a shorthand property that can be used to set the column-rule-color, column-rule-style, and column-rule-width properties. This sets the color, style, and width of the rule between the columns.

This property has the following syntax:

column-rule: column-rule-color column-rule-style column-rule-width|initial|inherit;

Note: Any values not specified are set to their default properties.

Property Values

Value Description
column-rule-color Specifies the color of the column rule. The default value is the color of the element. See column-rule-color for possible values
column-rule-style Specifies the style of the column rule. The default value is none. See column-rule-style for possible values
column-rule-width Specifies the width of the column rule. The default value is medium. See column-rule-width for possible values
initial Specifies that the value of the property should be set to the default value
inherit Specifies that the value of the property should be inherited from the parent element


This example specifies that a div will have 2 columns with a 6 pixel wide, outset, blue rule between them:

  column-count: 2;
  -webkit-column-count: 2; /* Safari and Google Chrome */
  -moz-column-count: 2; /* Firefox */
  column-rule: 6px outset #0000ff;
  -webkit-column-rule: 6px outset #0000ff; /* Safari and Google Chrome */
  -moz-column-rule: 6px outset #0000ff; /* Firefox */  

A div containing some sample text would then be formatted like this:

The Lonely Mountain is a towering solitary peak to the west of Largoneth Castle. It is quite tall, and its proud summit often lies shrouded in low-hanging clouds. However, in olden days, mariners had named it Signal Mountain, for its odd glistening white peak reflected the pale moonlight, providing an unmistakable landmark on unclouded nights.

Browser Support

Chrome Firefox IE Safari Opera
4.0 -webkit- 2.0 -moz- 10.0 3.1 -webkit- 11.1
15.0 -webkit-

Miscellaneous Information

Inherited: No
Defined In: CSS3
Default Value: medium none color


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