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A digital camcorder is one that record video on one of the following types of media: Digital8, MiniDV, DVD, hard drive or solid-state flash memory. Some digital camcorders also have the capability of taking still pictures and storing on separate media, typically the same type as used in digital cameras. While the image quality may not be quite as good as a standard digital camera, this allowed users to carry just one device to record both video and still images. In the picture to the right, is an example of what a digital camcorder may look like.
Compared to analog camcorders, digital camcorders can record video at a higher resolution. Some digital camcorders can even record at high definition quality. Most digital camcorders today use either a hard drive or solid-state flash memory and record in formats like MPEG-1, MPEG-2 or MPEG-4. To get the recorded video onto a computer for editing and copying to a DVD, digital camcorders can be connected to a computer by use of a USB or Firewire cable. Digital camcorders also typically include the capability to be connected directly to a TV for video playback, using either composite video cables or HDMI on newer models.


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