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The basic structural elements for HTML include headings, paragraphs, links, etc. New elements in HTML5 improve upon this structure.

HTML4 Structure

With HTML4 documents, the <div> tag along with "id" and "class" has been used to create "structure". The following diagram illustrates how this structure might look for a simple "blog" page with two columns:

html4 document structure

HTML5 Structure

HTML5 added new elements to improve the structure of web pages. The same page example above, would look like the following in HTML5:

html5 document structure

Structural Elements

The following table lists the structural HTML tags:

HTML5   = New for HTML5

Tag Description
<!--...--> Defines a comment
<!DOCTYPE>  Defines the document type
<article>HTML5 Defines an article
<aside>HTML5 Defines content aside from the page content
<blockquote> Defines a long quotation
<body> Defines the body element
<br> Inserts a single line break
<command>HTML5 Defines a command button
<details>HTML5 Defines details of an element
<div> Defines a section in a document
<figcaption>HTML5 Defines the caption of a figure element
<figure>HTML5 Defines a group of media content, and their caption
<footer>HTML5 Defines a footer for a section or page
<h1> to <h6> Defines header 1 to header 6
<head> Defines information about the document
<header>HTML5 Defines a header for a section or page
<hgroup>HTML5 Defines information about a section in a document
<hr> Defines a horizontal rule
<html> Defines an html document
<mark>HTML5 Defines marked text
<menu> Defines a menu list
<menuitem> Defines a command/menu item that the user can invoke from a popup menu
<meta> Defines meta information
<meter>HTML5 Defines measurement within a predefined range
<nav>HTML5 Defines navigation links
<p> Defines a paragraph
<progress>HTML5 Defines progress of a task of any kind
<rp>HTML5 Used in ruby annotations to define what to show browsers that to not support the ruby element.
<rt>HTML5 Defines explanation to ruby annotations.
<ruby>HTML5 Defines ruby annotations.
<section>HTML5 Defines a section
<summary>HTML5 Defines the header of a "detail" element
<time>HTML5 Defines a date/time
<wbr>HTML5 Defines a possible line-break


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