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DOM Input Password Object

DOM Input Password Object

The Input Password object represents a password field in an HTML form.

For each <input type="password"> tag in an HTML form, an Input Password object is created.

The input password field can be accessed by searching through the elements[] array of the form, or by using document.getElementById().


Property Description
alt Sets or returns an alternate text to display if a browser does not support password fields
defaultValue Sets or returns the default value of a password field
disabled Sets or returns whether or not a password field should be disabled
form Returns a reference to the form that contains the password field
maxLength Sets or returns the maximum number of characters in a password field
name Sets or returns the name of a password field
readOnly Sets or returns whether or not a password field should be read-only
size Sets or returns the size of a password field
type Returns the type of form element a password field is
value Sets or returns the value of the value attribute of the password field


Method Description
select() Selects the text in a password field

Standard Properties and Methods

This object also supports the standard properties and methods.

Standard Events

This object also supports the standard events.


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