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List of Function Aliases [article]Lapack [article]Lightweight Directory Access Protocol [article]Libevent [article]libxml [article]Lua [article]LZF [article]Lotus Notes [article]List of core configure options [article]Listbox Flags [article]Load XML from a file [article]Load HTML from a string [article]Load HTML from a file [article]Load XML from a string [article]List of Available Filters [article]Load a binary dump into the APC file/user cache [article]Load a binary dump from a file into the APC file/user cache [article]Loads a set of constants from the cache [article]Loads a Typelib [article]List all the handlers available [article]List all open database files [article]Loads a PHP extension at runtime [article]Loads a DOTNET module [article]List databases available on a FrontBase server [article]List FrontBase result fields [article]List tables in a FrontBase database [article]Logs in to an FTP connection [article]Lookup a message in the current domain [article]Legendre symbol [article]List of currently logged in users [article]List of SQL fieldproperties [article]List of Informix SQL fields [article]Load a new font [article]Load a PostScript Type 1 font from file [article]List all the subscribed mailboxes [article]List all the subscribed mailboxes [article]LZF compression [article]LZF decompression [article]List all sessions [article]List sessions with variable [article]Lock a session [article]List mSQL databases on server [article]List result fields [article]List tables in an mSQL database [article]List databases available on a MySQL server [article]List MySQL table fields [article]List MySQL processes [article]List tables in a MySQL database [article]Let the terminal beep [article]List all output handlers in use [article]Lists columns and associated privileges for the given table [article]Lists the column names in specified tables [article]Lists tables and the privileges associated with each table [article]Load a buffer with data [article]Load a .wav file into a buffer [article]Load 3D model [article]Looks up a current parameter setting of the server. [article]Loads a font [article]location of language data files [article]Location of the main word list [article]Load a new dictionary with settings based on a given config [article]Load a new dictionary with personal wordlist [article]Load a new dictionary [article]Lists the history [article]List files and directories inside the specified path [article]Limits the maximum execution time [article]Listens for a connection on a socket [article]List currently authorized publickeys [article]Locale based string comparison [article]Label the current frame [article]Load an ASCII Tidy configuration file with the specified encoding [article]Ladder Bottom [article]Long Legged Doji [article]Long Line Candle [article]Linear Regression Angle [article]Linear Regression Intercept [article]Linear Regression Slope [article]Linear Regression [article]Lowest value over a specified period [article]Lowest and highest values over a specified period [article]Load ispell data [article]List running processes [article]Load a JPEG image [article]Load PNG image and return HaruImage instance [article]Load a RAW image [article]Load the font with the specified index from TTC file [article]Load TTF font file [article]Load Type1 font [article]Log into Hyperwave Server [article]Locks an object [article]List of php.ini directives [article]List of php.ini sections [article]Lighttpd 1.4 on Unix systems [article]Life cycle of an extension [article]Locate the Nth index present in the Judy array [article]Language Reference [article]Late Static Bindings [article]Logical Operators [article]Lua constructor [article]Lists all of the databases available. [article]Limits the number of elements returned in one batch. [article]Limits the number of results returned [article]Log in to this database [article]Load balancing [article]List MySQL table fields [article]Large Objects (LOBs) [article]Loads any phar archive with an alias [article]LDAP Functions [article]Libevent Functions [article]libxml Functions [article]LZF Functions [article]Lotus Notes Functions [article]List of Reserved Words [article]List of Keywords [article]List of Resource Types [article]Locating and calling services from a script which is not an SCA Component [article]Limitations [article]Limitations [article]Locales to use when running checks [article]Load a saved SVM Model [article]Loads Bitmap object [article]Loads a font definition [article]Labels a frame [article]Labels frame [article]List of Supported Timezones [article]List of Parser Tokens [article]Limit results [article]List of Supported Socket Transports [article]Lookup namespace for a prefix [article]
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