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Unbind the queue from a routing key. [article]Unset value for an offset [article]User defined sort [article]User defined sort [article]Unserialize [article]Unsets the value at the specified index [article]Unserialize an ArrayObject [article]URLs [article]Used to retrieve a list of supported SVG versions [article]Using PHP [article]Using PHP from the command line [article]Uploading multiple files [article]Using remote files [article]Updates an old value with a new value [article]Uuencode a string [article]Update a column using OID [article]Update the element value of sequence type column using OID [article]Unbind ... [article]Used to escape certain characters [article]Undo [article]Update specified tuple in relation [article]Uploads from an open file to the FTP server [article]Uploads a file to the FTP server [article]Uncompress a compressed string [article]Unregister request method [article]Upload any document [article]Unlock object [article]Update information stored in an ID3 tag [article]Updates the content of the blob object [article]Updates the content of the char object [article]Unmark the message which is marked deleted [article]Unsubscribe from a mailbox [article]Unbind from LDAP directory [article]Used for establishing secure connections using SSL [article]Use constant pool [article]Unlock a session [article]Uninitializes newt interface [article]Updates modified portions of the screen [article]Use image data [deprecated] [article]Unescape binary for bytea type [article]Update table [article]Updates record in paradox database [article]URL-encode according to RFC 3986 [article]Updates the RRD database. [article]Update the current session id with a newly generated one [article]Unregister a global variable from the current session [article]Unregister given function as __autoload() implementation [article]Unregister a URL wrapper [article]Un-quote string quoted with addcslashes [article]Un-quotes a quoted string [article]Update working copy [article]Updates the configuration settings for the specified tidy document [article]Up/Down-gap side-by-side white lines [article]Unique 3 River [article]Upside Gap Two Crows [article]Upside/Downside Gap Three Methods [article]Ultimate Oscillator [article]Uppercase the first character of each word in a string [article]Unpack data from binary string [article]Unset a given variable [article]Untaint strings [article]URL-encodes string [article]Unserializes a WDDX packet [article]Update the service status [article]Use XML Parser within an object [article]Uncompress any raw/gzip/zlib encoded data [article]User-defined functions [article]Unregister a function name with the job servers [article]Unregister all function names with the job servers [article]Update deflate stream [article]Update inflate stream [article]Unlocks a locked object [article]Using imagecopymerge to create a translucent watermark [article]Using the bundled PHP [article]Using Packages [article]Update the current value of the basic counter. [article]UNSET_DIM [article]UNSET_OBJ [article]UNSET_VAR [article]USER_OPCODE [article]Using namespaces: Basics [article]Using namespaces: fallback to global function/constant [article]Using namespaces: Aliasing/Importing [article]Unsetting References [article]Using the PHP LDAP calls [article]Undeprecated features in PHP 5.3.x [article]Updates status for all hosts associated with this [article]Updates [article]Update records based on a given criteria [article]Use snapshot mode for the query [article]Used to get the current value of a statement attribute [article]Used to modify the behavior of a prepared statement [article]Unsets user defined handler for load local infile command [article]Used for establishing secure connections using SSL [article]Used for establishing secure connections using SSL [article]Used to determine whether Phar write operations are being buffered, or are flushing directly to disk [article]Used to set the PHP loader or bootstrap stub of a Phar archive to the default loader [article]Used to set the PHP loader or bootstrap stub of a Phar archive [article]Uncompresses all files in the current Phar archive [article]Using Phar Archives [article]Using Phar Archives: Introduction [article]Using Phar Archives: the Phar and PharData class [article]Using Phar Archives: the phar stream wrapper [article]Uncompresses the current Phar entry within the phar, if it is compressed [article]URL Functions [article]Unicode character properties [article]Update the RRD database file [article]Understanding how the WSDL is generated [article]Using Register Globals [article]User Submitted Data [article]Used for custom serialization [article]Used to retrieve a property [article]Used for custom serialization [article]Used for custom serialization [article]Used to control how the results should be sorted [article]Use SpanScorer to highlight phrase terms [article]Update document attributes [article]Unsets the value at the specified $index [article]Unserializes the storage [article]Unsets the value at the specified $index [article]Unserializes a storage from its string representation [article]Unix Domain: Unix and UDG [article]Using old code with new versions of PHP [article]Userland Naming Guide [article]Updates the map with a new key-value pair [article]Undo all changes done in the archive [article]
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