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Whether this is a redelivery of the message [article]Whether a offset exists [article]W32api [article]WDDX [article]Weak References [article]win32ps [article]win32service [article]Windows Cache for PHP [article]Where a configuration setting may be set [article]while [article]Writes a defined class as bytecodes [article]Writes a defined constant as bytecodes [article]Writes the start pos, and sig to the end of a exe type file [article]Writes a php source file as bytecodes [article]Writes the single character \x00 to indicate End of compiled data [article]Writes a defined function as bytecodes [article]Writes all functions defined in a file as bytecodes [article]Writes the bcompiler header [article]Writes an included file as bytecodes [article]Wait for activity on any curl_multi connection [article]Writes data to fd with optional truncation at length [article]Write to file [article]Whether a dictionary exists or not. Using non-empty tag [article]whether or not 'word' exists in this spelling-session [article]Will return a list of values if any of those pre-conditions are not met [article]Write data to a buffered event [article]Waits until the output from a process matches one of the patterns, a specified time period has passed, or an EOF is seen [article]Write a string to a file [article]Write a formatted string to a stream [article]Wait for an event to be posted by the database [article]Writes a string into the slob object [article]Write text to the image using fonts using FreeType 2 [article]Write text to the image using TrueType fonts [article]Wait x microsecs [article]Whether or not to validate the passed identifier on any transaction it is passed to [article]Write all prepared refreshes to terminal [article]Waits for signals, with a timeout [article]Waits for signals [article]Waits on or returns the status of a forked child [article]Waits on or returns the status of a forked child [article]Write to a large object [article]Write data to the printer [article]Writes the history [article]Write session data and end session [article]Write data into shared memory block [article]Write to a socket [article]Weighted Close Price [article]Williams' %R [article]Weighted Moving Average [article]Write a formatted string to a stream [article]Wraps a string to a given number of characters [article]Write text [article]Write full namespaced attribute [article]Write full attribute [article]Write full CDATA tag [article]Write full comment tag [article]Write full DTD AttList tag [article]Write full DTD element tag [article]Write full DTD Entity tag [article]Write full DTD tag [article]Write full namespaced element tag [article]Write full element tag [article]Writes a PI [article]Write a raw XML text [article]Wait for Z39.50 requests to complete [article]Wait for activity from one of the job servers [article]Wait for and perform jobs [article]Writes an image to the specified filename [article]Writes an image to the specified filename [article]Write the document data to the output buffer [article]Writes an image to the specified filename [article]Writes an image to a filehandle [article]Writes an image or image sequence [article]Writes frames to a filehandle [article]Windows Installer (PHP 5.1.0 and earlier) [article]Windows Installer (PHP 5.2 and later) [article]Writing functions [article]Working with INI settings [article]Working with classes and objects [article]Working with resources [article]Working with streams [article]Working with variables [article]What can PHP do? [article]What is PHP? [article]Whether a offset exists [article]What References Are Not [article]What References Are [article]What References Do [article]What has changed in PHP 5.0.x [article]What has changed in PHP 5.2.x [article]What has changed in PHP 5.3.x [article]What has changed in PHP 5.4.x [article]Writes [article]Writes this file to the filesystem [article]Wrapper for assorted list commands [article]Writes data to the large object [article]Writes a temporary large object [article]What makes a phar a phar and not a tar or a zip? [article]Whether opening broken archives is allowed [article]W32api Functions [article]WDDX Functions [article]win32ps Functions [article]win32service Functions [article]WinCache Functions [article]Windows Only Extensions [article]Web Services [article]Working with Data Structures [article]Working with Sequenced Data Objects [article]What are Magic Quotes [article]Why did we use Magic Quotes [article]Why not to use Magic Quotes [article]Write session data [article]Write session data [article]Whether or not to return raw characters [article]Whether or not to collapse contiguous fragments into a single fragment [article]Whether to highlight phrase terms only when they appear within the query phrase [article]Was the request a success [article]Write a field array as a CSV line [article]Write to file [article]Write to stream [article]Writes the given text into this SWFText object at the current pen position, using the current font, height, spacing, and color [article]What do I need? [article]What's next? [article]w32api examples [article]wddx examples [article]Win32ps examples [article]Win32 Base Priority Classes [article]Win32Service Service Control Message Accepted Bitmasks [article]Win32Service Service Error Control Constants [article]Win32 Error Codes [article]Win32Service Service Control Message Constants [article]Win32Service Service Flag Constants [article]Win32Service Service Start Type Constants [article]Win32Service Service Status Constants [article]Win32Service Service Type Bitmasks [article]WinCache Functions Reroutes [article]WinCache Session Handler [article]WinCache Statistics Script [article]
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