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The HttpMessage class

The HttpMessage class

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Class synopsis

HttpMessage implements Iterator , Countable , Serializable {
public void addHeaders ( array $headers [, bool $append = false ] )
public __construct ([ string $message ] )
public HttpMessage detach ( void )
static public HttpMessage factory ([ string $raw_message [, string $class_name = "HttpMessage" ]] )
static public HttpMessage fromEnv ( int $message_type [, string $class_name = "HttpMessage" ] )
static public HttpMessage fromString ([ string $raw_message [, string $class_name = "HttpMessage" ]] )
public string getBody ( void )
public string getHeader ( string $header )
public array getHeaders ( void )
public string getHttpVersion ( void )
public HttpMessage getParentMessage ( void )
public string getRequestMethod ( void )
public string getRequestUrl ( void )
public int getResponseCode ( void )
public string getResponseStatus ( void )
public int getType ( void )
public string guessContentType ( string $magic_file [, int $magic_mode = MAGIC_MIME ] )
public void prepend ( HttpMessage $message [, bool $top = true ] )
public HttpMessage reverse ( void )
public bool send ( void )
public void setBody ( string $body )
public void setHeaders ( array $headers )
public bool setHttpVersion ( string $version )
public bool setRequestMethod ( string $method )
public bool setRequestUrl ( string $url )
public bool setResponseCode ( int $code )
public bool setResponseStatus ( string $status )
public void setType ( int $type )
public HttpRequest|HttpResponse toMessageTypeObject ( void )
public string toString ([ bool $include_parent = false ] )

Class Members


Instance Properties
Modifiers Type Name Description
protected int type message type
protected string body message body
protected float httpVersion HTTP protocol version
protected array headers message headers
protected string requestMethod request method name
protected requestUrl string request URL
protected int responseCode response code
protected string responseStatus response status message
protected HttpMessage parentMessage reference to parent message


None of these default properties can be accessed by reference, array key/index notation nor be used in increment or decrement operations.

Predefined Constants

Type Name Description
int TYPE_NONE message has is of no specific type
int TYPE_REQUEST message is a request style HTTP message
int TYPE_RESPONSE message is a response style HTTP message

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