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The IntlDateFormatter class

The IntlDateFormatter class

(PHP 5 >= 5.3.0, PECL intl >= 1.0.0)


Date Formatter is a concrete class that enables locale-dependent formatting/parsing of dates using pattern strings and/or canned patterns.

This class represents the ICU date formatting functionality. It allows users to display dates in a localized format or to parse strings into PHP date values using pattern strings and/or canned patterns.

Class synopsis

IntlDateFormatter {
/* Methods */
__construct ( string $locale , int $datetype , int $timetype [, string $timezone [, int $calendar [, string $pattern ]]] )
static IntlDateFormatter create ( string $locale , int $datetype , int $timetype [, string $timezone [, int $calendar [, string $pattern ]]] )
string format ( mixed $value )
int getCalendar ( void )
int getDateType ( void )
int getErrorCode ( void )
string getErrorMessage ( void )
string getLocale ([ int $which ] )
string getPattern ( void )
int getTimeType ( void )
string getTimeZoneId ( void )
bool isLenient ( void )
array localtime ( string $value [, int &$position ] )
int parse ( string $value [, int &$position ] )
bool setCalendar ( int $which )
bool setLenient ( bool $lenient )
bool setPattern ( string $pattern )
bool setTimeZoneId ( string $zone )

Predefined Constants

These constants are used to specify different formats in the constructor for DateType and TimeType.

IntlDateFormatter::NONE (integer)
Do not include this element
IntlDateFormatter::FULL (integer)
Completely specified style (Tuesday, April 12, 1952 AD or 3:30:42pm PST)
IntlDateFormatter::LONG (integer)
Long style (January 12, 1952 or 3:30:32pm)
IntlDateFormatter::MEDIUM (integer)
Medium style (Jan 12, 1952)
IntlDateFormatter::SHORT (integer)
Most abbreviated style, only essential data (12/13/52 or 3:30pm)

The following int constants are used to specify the calendar. These calendars are all based directly on the Gregorian calendar. Non-Gregorian calendars need to be specified in locale. Examples might include locale="hi@calendar=BUDDHIST".

IntlDateFormatter::TRADITIONAL (integer)
Non-Gregorian Calendar
IntlDateFormatter::GREGORIAN (integer)
Gregorian Calendar

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