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The Yaf_Loader class

The Yaf_Loader class

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Yaf_Loader introduces a comprehensive autoloading solution for Yaf.

The first time an instance of Yaf_Application is retrieved, Yaf_Loader will instance a singleton, and registers itself with spl_autoload. You retrieve an instance using the Yaf_Loader::getInstance()

Yaf_Loader attempt to load a class only one shot, if failed, depend on yaf.use_spl_auload, if this config is On Yaf_Loader::autoload() will return FALSE, thus give the chance to other autoload function. if it is Off (by default), Yaf_Loader::autoload() will return TRUE, and more important is that a very usefull warning will be triggerd (very usefull to find out why a class could not be loaded).


Please keep yaf.use_spl_autoload Off unless there is some library have their own autoload mechanism and impossible to rewrite it.

By default, Yaf_Loader assume all library (class defined script) store in the global library directory, which is defined in the php.ini(yaf.library).

If you want Yaf_Loader search some classes(libraries) in the local class directory(which is defined in application.ini, and by default, it is . "/libraray"), you should register the class prefix using the Yaf_Loader::registerLocalNameSpace()

Let's see some examples(assuming APPLICATION_PATH is

Example #1 Config example

// Assuming the following configure in php.ini: yaf.libraray = "/global_dir" //Assuming the following configure in application.ini application.libraray = APPLICATION_PATH "/library"
Assuming the following local name space registerd:

Example #2 Register localnamespace

class Bootstrap extends Yaf_Bootstrap_Abstract{
     public function 
_initLoader($dispatcher) {
Then the autoload examples:

Example #3 Load class example

class Foo_Bar_Test => // APPLICATION_PATH/library/Foo/Bar/Test.php class GLO_Name => // /global_dir/Glo/Name.php class BarNon_Test // /global_dir/Barnon/Test.php
As of PHP 5.3, you can use namespace:

Example #4 Load namespace class example

class \Foo\Bar\Dummy => // APPLICATION_PATH/library/Foo/Bar/Dummy.php class \FooBar\Bar\Dummy => // /global_dir/FooBar/Bar/Dummy.php

You may noticed that all the folder wth the first letter capitalized, you can make them lowercase by set yaf.lowcase_path = On in php.ini

Yaf_Loader is also designed to load the MVC classes, and the rule is:

Example #5 MVC class loading example

Controller Classes => // APPLICATION_PATH/controllers/ Model Classes => // APPLICATION_PATH/models/ Plugin Classes => // APPLICATION_PATH/plugins/
Yaf identify a class's suffix(this is by default, you can also change to the prefix by change the configure yaf.name_suffix) to decide whether it is a MVC class:

Example #6 MVC class distinctions

Controller Classes =>  // ***Controller Model Classes =>  // ***Model Plugin Classes =>  // ***Plugin
some examples:

Example #7 MVC loading example

class IndexController  // APPLICATION_PATH/controllers/Index.php class DataModel => // APPLICATION_PATH/models/Data.php class DummyPlugin => // APPLICATION_PATH/plugins/Dummy.php class A_B_TestModel => // APPLICATION_PATH/models/A/B/Test.php
also, the directory will be affected by yaf.lowcase_path.

Class synopsis

Yaf_Loader {
/* Properties */
protected $_local_ns ;
protected $_library ;
protected $_global_library ;
static $_instance ;
/* Methods */
public void autoload ( void )
public void clearLocalNamespace ( void )
private void __clone ( void )
public__construct ( void )
public static void getInstance ( void )
public Yaf_Loader getLibraryPath ([ bool $is_global = false ] )
public void getLocalNamespace ( void )
public static void import ( void )
public void isLocalName ( void )
public void registerLocalNamespace ( void )
public Yaf_Loader setLibraryPath ( string $directory [, bool $is_global = false ] )
private void __sleep ( void )
private void __wakeup ( void )




By default, this value is . "/library", you can change this either in the application.ini(application.library) or call to Yaf_Loader::setLibraryPath()



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