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The mysqlnd query result cache plugin adds easy to use client-side query caching to all PHP MySQL extensions using mysqlnd.

As of version PHP 5.3.3 the MySQL native driver for PHP ( mysqlnd) features an internal plugin C API. C plugins, such as the query cache plugin, can extend the functionality of mysqlnd.

Mysqlnd plugins such as the query cache plugin operate transparent from a user perspective. The cache plugin supports all PHP applications and all PHP MySQL extensions ( mysqli, mysql, PDO_MYSQL). It does not change existing APIs.

No significant application changes are required to cache a query. The cache has two operation modes. It will either cache all queries (not recommended) or only those queries marked with a certain SQL hint (recommended).

Key Features

  • Transparent and therefore easy to use

    • supports all PHP MySQL extensions

    • no API changes

    • very little application changes required

  • Flexible invalidation strategy

    • Time-to-Live (TTL)

    • user-defined

  • Storage with different scope and life-span

    • Default (Hash, process memory)

    • APC


    • sqlite

    • user-defined

  • Built-in slam defense to prevent cache stampeding.


The current 1.0.1 release of PECL mysqlnd_qc does not support PHP 5.4. Version 1.1.0-alpha lifts this limitation.

Prepared statements and unbuffered queries are fully supported. Thus, the plugin is capable of caching all statements issued with mysqli or PDO_MySQL, which are the only two PHP MySQL APIs to offer prepared statement support.

On the name

The shortcut mysqlnd_qc stands for mysqlnd query cache plugin. The name was chosen for a quick-and-dirty proof-of-concept. In the beginning the developers did not expect to continue using the code base. Sometimes PECL/mysqlnd_qc has also been called client-side query result set cache.


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