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OOP Changelog

OOP Changelog

Changes to the PHP 5 OOP model are logged here. Descriptions and other notes regarding these features are documented within the OOP 5 documentation.

Version Description
5.4.0 Changed: If an abstract class defines a signature for the constructor it will now be enforced.
5.3.3 Changed: Methods with the same name as the last element of a namespaced class name will no longer be treated as constructor. This change doesn't affect non-namespaced classes.
5.3.0 Changed: Classes that implement interfaces with methods that have default values in the prototype are no longer required to match the interface's default value.
5.3.0 Changed: It's now possible to reference the class using a variable (e.g., echo $classname::constant;). The variable's value can not be a keyword (e.g., self, parent or static).
5.3.0 Changed: An E_WARNING level error is issued if the magic overloading methods are declared static. It also enforces the public visibility requirement.
5.3.0 Changed: Prior to 5.3.0, exceptions thrown in the __autoload() function could not be caught in the catch block, and would result in a fatal error. Exceptions now thrown in the __autoload function can be caught in the catch block, with one proviso. If throwing a custom exception, then the custom exception class must be available. The __autoload function may be used recursively to autoload the custom exception class.
5.3.0 Added: The __callStatic method.
5.3.0 Added: heredoc and nowdoc support for class const and property definitions. Note: heredoc values must follow the same rules as double-quoted strings, (e.g., no variables within).
5.3.0 Added: Late Static Bindings.
5.3.0 Added: The __invoke() method.
5.2.0 Changed: The __toString() method was only called when it was directly combined with echo or print. But now, it is called in any string context (e.g. in printf() with %s modifier) but not in other types contexts (e.g. with %d modifier). Since PHP 5.2.0, converting objects without a __toString method to string emits a E_RECOVERABLE_ERROR level error.
5.1.3 Changed: In previous versions of PHP 5, the use of var was considered deprecated and would issue an E_STRICT level error. It's no longer deprecated, therefore does not emit the error.
5.1.0 Changed: The __set_state() static method is now called for classes exported by var_export().
5.1.0 Added: The __isset() and __unset() methods.


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