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The section applies to myslqnd_ms 1.1.0 or newer, not the 1.0 series.

The PECL/mysqlnd_ms test suite is in the tests/ directory of the source distribution. The test suite consists of standard phpt tests, which are described on the PHP Quality Assurance Teams website.

Running the tests requires setting up one to four MySQL servers. Some tests don't connect to MySQL at all. Others require one server for testing. Some require two distict servers. In some cases two servers are used to emulate a replication setup. In other cases a master and a slave of an existing MySQL replication setup are required for testing. The tests will try to detect how many servers and what kind of servers are given. If the required servers are not found, the test will be skipped automatically.

Before running the tests, edit tests/ to configure the MySQL servers to be used for testing.

The most basic configuration is as follows.

 putenv("MYSQL_TEST_HOST=localhost"); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_PORT=3306"); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_USER=root"); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_PASSWD="); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_DB=test"); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_ENGINE=MyISAM"); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_SOCKET="); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_SKIP_CONNECT_FAILURE=1"); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_CONNECT_FLAGS=0"); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_EXPERIMENTAL=0"); /* replication cluster emulation */ putenv("MYSQL_TEST_EMULATED_MASTER_HOST=". getenv("MYSQL_TEST_HOST")); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_EMULATED_SLAVE_HOST=". getenv("MYSQL_TEST_HOST")); /* real replication cluster */ putenv("MYSQL_TEST_MASTER_HOST=". getenv("MYSQL_TEST_EMULATED_MASTER_HOST")); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_SLAVE_HOST=". getenv("MYSQL_TEST_EMULATED_SLAVE_HOST")); 

MYSQL_TEST_HOST, MYSQL_TEST_PORT and MYSQL_TEST_SOCKET define the hostname, TCP/IP port and Unix domain socket of the default database server. MYSQL_TEST_USER and MYSQL_TEST_PASSWD contain the user and password needed to connect to the database/schema configured with MYSQL_TEST_DB. All configured servers must have the same database user configured to give access to the test database.

Using host, host:port or host:/path/to/socket syntax one can set an alternate host, host and port or host and socket for any of the servers.

 putenv("MYSQL_TEST_SLAVE_HOST=")); putenv("MYSQL_TEST_MASTER_HOST=myserver_hostname:/path/to/socket")); 


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