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Finding cache candidates

Finding cache candidates

A statement should be considered for caching if it is executed often and has a long run time. Cache candidates are found by creating a list of statements sorted by the product of the number of executions multiplied by the statements run time. The function mysqlnd_qc_get_query_trace_log() returns a query log which help with the task.

Collecting a query trace is a slow operation. Thus, it is disabled by default. The PHP configuration directive mysqlnd_qc.collect_query_trace is used to enable it. The functions trace contains one entry for every query issued before the function is called.

Example #1 Collecting a query trace

mysqlnd_qc.enable_qc=1 mysqlnd_qc.collect_query_trace=1
/* connect to MySQL */
$mysqli = new mysqli("host""user""password""schema""port""socket");

/* dummy queries to fill the query trace */
for ($i 0$i 2$i++) {
$res $mysqli->query("SELECT 1 AS _one FROM DUAL");

/* dump trace */

The above examples will output:

 array(2) { [0]=> array(8) {  ["query"]=>  string(26) "SELECT 1 AS _one FROM DUAL"  ["origin"]=>  string(102) "#0 qc.php(7): mysqli->query('SELECT 1 AS _on...') #1 {main}"  ["run_time"]=>  int(0)  ["store_time"]=>  int(25)  ["eligible_for_caching"]=>  bool(false)  ["no_table"]=>  bool(false)  ["was_added"]=>  bool(false)  ["was_already_in_cache"]=>  bool(false) } [1]=> array(8) {  ["query"]=>  string(26) "SELECT 1 AS _one FROM DUAL"  ["origin"]=>  string(102) "#0 qc.php(7): mysqli->query('SELECT 1 AS _on...') #1 {main}"  ["run_time"]=>  int(0)  ["store_time"]=>  int(8)  ["eligible_for_caching"]=>  bool(false)  ["no_table"]=>  bool(false)  ["was_added"]=>  bool(false)  ["was_already_in_cache"]=>  bool(false) } } 

Assorted information is given in the trace. Among them timings and the origin of the query call. The origin property holds a code backtrace to identify the source of the query. The depth of the backtrace can be limited with the PHP configuration directive mysqlnd_qc.query_trace_bt_depth. The default depth is 3.

Example #2 Setting the backtrace depth with the mysqlnd_qc.query_trace_bt_depth ini setting

mysqlnd_qc.enable_qc=1 mysqlnd_qc.collect_query_trace=1
/* connect to MySQL */
$mysqli = new mysqli("host""user""password""schema""port""socket");
$mysqli->query("DROP TABLE IF EXISTS test");
$mysqli->query("CREATE TABLE test(id INT)");
$mysqli->query("INSERT INTO test(id) VALUES (1), (2), (3)");

/* dummy queries to fill the query trace */
for ($i 0$i 3$i++) {
$res $mysqli->query("SELECT id FROM test WHERE id = " $mysqli->real_escape_string($i));

$trace mysqlnd_qc_get_query_trace_log();
$summary = array();
foreach (
$trace as $entry) {
    if (!isset(
$summary[$entry['query']])) {
$summary[$entry['query']] = array(
"executions" => 1,
"time"       => $entry['run_time'] + $entry['store_time'],
    } else {
$summary[$entry['query']]['time'] += $entry['run_time'] + $entry['store_time'];

foreach (
$summary as $query => $details) {
printf("%45s: %5dms (%dx)\n",
$query$details['time'], $details['executions']);

The above examples will output something similar to:

      DROP TABLE IF EXISTS test:  0ms (1x)      CREATE TABLE test(id INT):  0ms (1x)  INSERT INTO test(id) VALUES (1), (2), (3):  0ms (1x)    SELECT id FROM test WHERE id = 0: 25ms (1x)    SELECT id FROM test WHERE id = 1: 10ms (1x)    SELECT id FROM test WHERE id = 2:  9ms (1x) 


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