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Network Functions

Network Functions

Table of Contents

  • checkdnsrr — Check DNS records corresponding to a given Internet host name or IP address
  • closelog — Close connection to system logger
  • define_syslog_variables — Initializes all syslog related variables
  • dns_check_record — Alias of checkdnsrr
  • dns_get_mx — Alias of getmxrr
  • dns_get_record — Fetch DNS Resource Records associated with a hostname
  • fsockopen — Open Internet or Unix domain socket connection
  • gethostbyaddr — Get the Internet host name corresponding to a given IP address
  • gethostbyname — Get the IPv4 address corresponding to a given Internet host name
  • gethostbynamel — Get a list of IPv4 addresses corresponding to a given Internet host name
  • gethostname — Gets the host name
  • getmxrr — Get MX records corresponding to a given Internet host name
  • getprotobyname — Get protocol number associated with protocol name
  • getprotobynumber — Get protocol name associated with protocol number
  • getservbyname — Get port number associated with an Internet service and protocol
  • getservbyport — Get Internet service which corresponds to port and protocol
  • header_register_callback — Call a header function
  • header_remove — Remove previously set headers
  • header — Send a raw HTTP header
  • headers_list — Returns a list of response headers sent (or ready to send)
  • headers_sent — Checks if or where headers have been sent
  • http_response_code — Get or Set the HTTP response code
  • inet_ntop — Converts a packed internet address to a human readable representation
  • inet_pton — Converts a human readable IP address to its packed in_addr representation
  • ip2long — Converts a string containing an (IPv4) Internet Protocol dotted address into a proper address
  • long2ip — Converts an (IPv4) Internet network address into a string in Internet standard dotted format
  • openlog — Open connection to system logger
  • pfsockopen — Open persistent Internet or Unix domain socket connection
  • setcookie — Send a cookie
  • setrawcookie — Send a cookie without urlencoding the cookie value
  • socket_get_status — Alias of stream_get_meta_data
  • socket_set_blocking — Alias of stream_set_blocking
  • socket_set_timeout — Alias of stream_set_timeout
  • syslog — Generate a system log message


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