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Exposing a Service Component as a Web service

Exposing a Service Component as a Web service

SCA for PHP can generate WSDL from the annotations within a service component, so that it can be easily deployed and exposed as a Web service. To provide SCA with the information it needs to generate the WSDL, it is necessary to add the annotation @binding.soap under the @service annotation and to specify the parameters and return values of the methods using the @param and @return annotations. These annotations will be read when WSDL is generated, and the order and types of the parameters determine the contents of the <schema> section of the WSDL.

SCA for PHP always generates document/literal wrapped WSDL for components that are exposing a Web service. Note that this does not stop components from consuming Web services which are not SCA components and which are documented with WSDL written in a different style.

The scalar types which can be used in the @param annotation are the four common PHP scalar types: boolean, integer, float and string. These are simply mapped to the XML schema types of the same name in the WSDL. The example below, which is a trivial implementation of the StockQuote service that the ConvertedStockQuote component calls, illustrates string and float types.

Example #1 StockQuote Service


include "SCA/SCA.php";

 * Scaffold implementation for a remote StockQuote Web service.
 * @service
 * @binding.soap
class StockQuote {

     * Get a stock quote for a given ticker symbol.
     * @param string $ticker The ticker symbol.
     * @return float The stock quote.
function getQuote($ticker) {

WSDL much like the following (though with a service location other than 'localhost', probably) would be generated from this service:

Example #2 Generated WSDL

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?> <definitions xmlns="" xsi:type="tDefinitions"  xmlns:tns2="http://StockQuote" xmlns:tns=""  xmlns:tns3=""  xmlns:xsi="" targetNamespace="http://StockQuote"> <types>  <xs:schema xmlns:xs=""  targetNamespace="http://StockQuote">  <xs:element name="getQuote">   <xs:complexType>   <xs:sequence>    <xs:element name="ticker" type="xs:string"/>   </xs:sequence>   </xs:complexType>  </xs:element>  <xs:element name="getQuoteResponse">   <xs:complexType>   <xs:sequence>    <xs:element name="getQuoteReturn" type="xs:float"/>   </xs:sequence>   </xs:complexType>  </xs:element>  </xs:schema> </types> <message name="getQuoteRequest">  <part name="getQuoteRequest" element="tns2:getQuote"/> </message> <message name="getQuoteResponse">  <part name="return" element="tns2:getQuoteResponse"/> </message> <portType name="StockQuotePortType">  <operation name="getQuote">  <input message="tns2:getQuoteRequest"/>  <output message="tns2:getQuoteResponse"/>  </operation> </portType> <binding name="StockQuoteBinding" type="tns2:StockQuotePortType">  <operation name="getQuote">  <input>   <tns3:body xsi:type="tBody" use="literal"/>  </input>  <output>   <tns3:body xsi:type="tBody" use="literal"/>  </output>  <tns3:operation xsi:type="tOperation" soapAction=""/>  </operation>  <tns3:binding xsi:type="tBinding" transport="" style="document"/> </binding> <service name="StockQuoteService">  <port name="StockQuotePort" binding="tns2:StockQuoteBinding">  <tns3:address xsi:type="tAddress" location="http://localhost/StockQuote/StockQuote.php"/>  </port> </service> </definitions> <!-- this line identifies this file as WSDL generated by SCA for PHP. Do not remove -->


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