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Locating and calling services from a script which is not an SCA Component

Locating and calling services from a script which is not an SCA Component

SCA components obtain proxies for other components or services as instance variables annotated with @reference, but this is not possible for a script that is not itself also a component. A client script which is not a component must use the SCA::getService() static method to obtain a proxy for a service, whether local or remote. The getService() method takes a URI as the argument. Typically this is the location of a local PHP script containing a component, or of a wsdl file, and is used in exactly the same way as the targets of the @binding annotations described in the previous section: that is, relative URIs are resolved against the location of the client script and not against the PHP include_path or current working directory.

For example, a script that needed to obtain proxies for the ExchangeRate and StockQuote services but was not a component would use the getService() method as follows:

Example #1 Obtaining a proxy using getService

$stock_quote   SCA::getService('../StockQuote/StockQuote.wsdl');

Methods on services can then be called on the returned proxy, just as they can in a component.

Example #2 Making calls on the proxy

$rate   $exchange_rate->getRate($currency);


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