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Unicode General Categories

Unicode General Categories

The following table lists the Unicode general categories:

Category Description
Lu Letter, Uppercase
Ll Letter, Lowercase
Lt Letter, Titlecase
Lm Letter, Modifier
Lo Letter, Other
L All letter characters. This includes the Lu, Ll, Lt, Lm, and Lo characters.
Mn Mark, Nonspacing
Mc Mark, Spacing Combining
Me Mark, Enclosing
M All diacritic marks. This includes the Mn, Mc, and Me categories.
Nd Number, Decimal Digit
Nl Number, Letter
No Number, Other
N All numbers. This includes the Nd, Nl, and No categories.
Pc Punctuation, Connector
Pd Punctuation, Dash
Ps Punctuation, Open
Pe Punctuation, Close
Pi Punctuation, Initial quote (may behave like Ps or Pe depending on usage)
Pf Punctuation, Final quote (may behave like Ps or Pe depending on usage)
Po Punctuation, Other
P All punctuation characters. This includes the Pc, Pd, Ps, Pe, Pi, Pf, and Po categories.
Sm Symbol, Math
Sc Symbol, Currency
Sk Symbol, Modifier
So Symbol, Other
S All symbols. This includes the Sm, Sc, Sk, and So categories.
Zs Separator, Space
Zl Separator, Line
Zp Separator, Paragraph
Z All separator characters. This includes the Zs, Zl, and Zp categories.
Cc Other, Control
Cf Other, Format
Cs Other, Surrogate
Co Other, Private Use
Cn Other, Not Assigned (no characters have this property)
C All control characters. This includes the Cc, Cf, Cs, Co, and Cn categories.


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